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Help Your Community and Show You #LoveAmerica!

Make no mistake about it, America will come out of the Coronavirus crisis better and stronger than ever. When times are tough, we band together and help each other. And now more than ever your community is counting on you. We’ve got to not only flatten the curve but help out our family, friends, and neighbors.

That’s why FreedomWorks is calling on you to take part in our #LoveAmerica campaign.

Sign The Pledge


I pledge to do my part and help America in the spirit of FreedomWorks' #LoveAmerica campaign. 

I pledge to look out for my neighbors, check in regularly, and provide assistance when and where I can;

I pledge to support small and local business, through take-out or delivery services, I will help the companies that are the backbone of my community;

I pledge to be a force for good on social media, posting encouraging words and accurate news. In doing so, I will not only aid the physical health but the mental and spiritual health of my family and friends;

I pledge to do my part and flatten the curve by social distancing;

I pledge to do this because now is the time for us to pull together and take care of one another. 

SIGNED: _________________


Join the #LoveAmerica Facebook group and share your stories!

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